Advanced keywords for Craigslist search

You can search for ad with ALL or ANY of your keywords, or a complete phrase, to NOT show result with certain words, put dashes before them, like this :
Search for a phrase or exact term : Or add an asterisk within a search as a placeholder for any unknown or wildcard terms :
Search for any one of several words ("OR" searches), put pipes|between|terms in OR searches, AND terms are separated by spaces :
The pipe character "|" can be typed by pressing Shift+backslash ("\") or AltGr+6 or type in uppercase OR
Of course, you can always combine negative keywords or key-phrases :
Search with a keyword in the URL : etc...
The Combined Results mode is powered by Google, so supports all of Google's advanced search operators, including wildcards, range, and phrases in OR searches. For example :

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